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A Galesburg, MI Heating and Air Conditioning Company-Since 1961

Do you need heating and air conditioning services in Galesburg, MI? Then you have come to the right place! Since 1961, homeowners throughout Galesburg MI and 49053 zip code have come to trust Bel-Aire Heating and Air Conditioning with all their heating and cooling services.

Whether your home is equipped with an electric furnace, gas furnace, HVAC or central air, the experts from Bel-Aire Heating and Air Conditioning are able to provide expert service to get your furnace or central air system back in operation quickly. Call Bel-Aire Heating and Air Conditioning today at (269) 327-7028. Bel-Aire is your local Galesburg heating and AC contractor trusted by your neighbors for over five decades.

Air Conditioner Services in Galesburg, MI

Do not let the summer heat get to you in your Galesburg home! If you need a new air conditioning system or AC repair, Bel-Aire Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help. We can provide all of the residential air conditioner services you may need; from air conditioning repair and central air replacement to air conditioner recharging and central air maintenance! We also provide 24/7 emergency service and work on brands of home cooling equipment.

Ductless Mini Split in Galesburg, MI

Ductless heating and cooling systems are high efficient systems that deliver warm or cool conditioned air directly into different rooms in your home, without the use of ducts. You may also hear them called mini-split, multi-split, or variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pumps or air conditioning systems. Ductless heating and cooling units use small heating and cooling air handlers for every individual room, so installing a ductless mini-split system makes it easy to set up heating and cooling zones in your Galesburg home. Click here for more info.

Heating and Cooling Installations

Your home comfort system may be the biggest energy appliance you own. You can lower your monthly energy bills and enjoy superb home comfort all year long with a new Lennox high efficiency heating and cooling system from Bel-Aire. We offer a wide range of systems that are designed to fit any budget. Investing in an energy efficient heating and cooling system is a great way to save money on your monthly utility bills!

For all installations, Bel-Aire specializes in the latest technologies, including WiFi control of your heating and cooling systems. We can install energy efficient boilers for your hot water and radiant heat systems. For new home construction or major renovations, Bel-Aire Heating and Air conditioning can work with your architect or builder to install the best heating and cooling equipment for your home, and offer even more options such as geo-thermal systems, floor-installed radiant heating and luxury fireplaces.

Furnace Service in Galesburg, MI

At Bel-Aire Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide all your furnace service needs, from furnace installations and replacements to fast repairs for your Galesburg, MI home. To ensure your gas furnace is ready for the winter season, call on our knowledgeable and certified technicians which can assist you with all your furnace maintenance services. We provide 24/7 emergency service and work on all brands of home heating equipment.

Galesburg, MI Indoor Air Quality Specialists

You may think the air quality in your Galesburg, MI home is better than the outdoor air, but if you find yourself going about your day with sneezing or itchy eyes, you could be wrong. The U.S. EPA has estimated indoor air can be between 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outdoor environment, ranking indoor air pollutants as a top five environmental health concerns.

If you suspect the indoor air quality in your Galesburg area home is poor, Bel-Aire will be able to help. We offer indoor air quality services such as sales and repairs on whole home air purifiers, and humidifiers, as well as UV germicidal lights and installation and filtration system replacement. Our specialized indoor air quality products and services ensure each of our valued clients and families can breathe cleaner indoor air in their homes.

Radiant Floor Heating in Galesburg, MI

Radiant floor heating is a ideal home heating system. It’s comfortable, highly efficient and quiet. Radiant floor heating systems allow even heating throughout the whole floor, not just in perimeter of the room as with heating forced air systems. For more info click here.

Luxury Fireplaces in Galesburg, MI

Bel-Aire can install beautiful gas and wood fireplaces in entry-level, mid-market and luxury custom and semi-custom models, primarily for new-home construction or major home rennovations in Galesburg MI. Click here for more info.

Galesburg, Michigan Heating and Air Conditioning Services

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