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Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a great home heating system. It’s comfortable, highly efficient and quiet. Radiant floor heating systems allow even heating throughout the whole floor, not just in the perimeter of the room as with heating forced air systems.

Some of the many benefits of radiant floor heating:

Comfort: Radiant floor heating system is designed to concentrate the heat near the floor where you and your family can benefit from it.

High Efficiency: Radiant floor heating efficiently delivers heat allowing lower temperature settings that provide 20-40% energy savings over forced air systems.

Air Quality: Radiant heating systems have no need for a blower fan like a hot air furnace, they do not circulate dirt, dust, pollutants or allergens throughout the home.

Longevity: A high quality radiant heat system can last more than 35 years.

Installation of radiant floor heating is best suited for new home construction or major residential renovations. If you’re interested in finding out if radiant floor heating is right for your home in Grand Rapids, Three Rivers, Portage and the surrounding area, Bel-Aire can advise you on the systems we have available to install and how these systems can best meet your needs.

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