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Lennox Air Conditioners from Bel-Aire Heating & Air Conditioning

At Bel-Aire Heating & Air Conditioning, we handle Lennox air conditioners exclusively. We are proud to be one of the largest Lennox dealers in the state of Michigan. Lennox has an established history of offering the highest quality air conditioners on the market, which is why they’re our choice for our customers.

Model XC21 Air Conditioner

The quietest and efficient central air conditioner you can buy. Discover absolute home comfort with the XC21, engineered for quiet and highly efficient operation. Exclusive Silent Comfort technology works to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout your home, which keeps energy costs under control. Efficiency rating of up to 21.20 SEER.

Model XC20 Air Conditioner

The XC20 is a high-efficiency air conditioner with a variable-capacity operation that adjusts the cooling in your home to optimize cooling and energy use. The unit produces sound levels as low as 65 db to keep you cool without the noise.

Model XC16 Air Conditioner

Reliable and responsible home cooling
Two-stage technology optimizes performance compared to conventional single-stage systems, resulting in more even temperatures and lower utility bills. High-quality components assure a high level of reliability, even under extreme outdoor conditions. Efficiency rating of up to 17.20 SEER.

Model 13ACX Air Conditioner

Economical, environmentally responsible home cooling
Even in the hottest summer months, the 13ACX works efficiently to enhance your comfort. Compared to an older system, this air conditioner can help you save significantly on your monthly utility bills. Efficiency rating meets or exceeds 13.00 SEER.