Bel-Aire Services

Bel-Aire Ensures Your Comfort

Bel-Aire ServicesWe don’t just sell you a product at Bel-Aire Heating & Air Conditioning. We take the time to determine your specific heating and cooling needs, then assist you in selecting the best way to meet those needs while remaining within your budget.

A Bel-Aire comfort representative will block out two hours at your home for no charge to conduct a load calculation and estimate to explain the heating and cooling systems available and suitable for your house, and lay out all the options to help you determine the best balance of comfort, efficiency and cost.

For new home construction or major renovations, Bel-Aire Heating and Air conditioning can work with your architect or builder to install the best heating and cooling equipment for your home, and offer even more options such as geo-thermal systems, floor-installed radiant heating and luxury fireplaces.

For all installations, Bel-Aire specializes in the latest technologies, including WiFi control of your heating and cooling systems. We can install energy efficient boilers for your hot water and radiant heat systems. And our outstanding service continues well beyond installations. If you have any problems with your furnace or air conditioning, we offer 24-Hour Emergency Service. You can order filters from Bel-Aire or request a comprehensive home energy audit for your home to make the most efficient use of the heating and cooling system you have.