Energy Audits

Comprehensive Home Energy Audits

Bel-Aire Energy AuditsBel-Aire Heating and Air Conditioning understands the importance of reducing heat loss in the winter and keeping heat out in the summer to get the most efficient use of your furnace and air conditioner while keeping your energy costs down.

A Bel-Aire service BPI certified contractor will do a room-by-room energy audit examination of your home, looking for potential problems. He will conduct a blower door test. by sealing off a door and attaching a blower to check for any air leaks around door frames and windows. Our auditor will also take a thermographic scan of the outside of your home to discover look for energy leaks. He will inspect ducts and perform an engineering analysis to assess your home’s heating and cooling needs.

By the results of the energy auditor's examination, and considering your family’s own habits such as how many people are home during working hours and your average thermostat setting during the summer and winter, he will recommend ways to save on your energy bills, which may be simple or more involved.

To be sure your heating system is working correction, Bel-Aire will also conduct a diagnostic tune-up of your forced air furnace.